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Writer's Block: Misdirected Mail

Have you ever replied to or cc'ed someone on an email that was definitely not intended for their eyes? Or received one that was about you but wasn't meant for you to read? What was the email about and how did you react?
Yes! I have a coworker who regularly sends mail to the wrong people. Apparently her Outlook Express address book is a bit too challenging for her. :) I've gotten love letters meant for her boyfriend a few times. I laughed to myself and replied to let her know what had happened to her notes. I thought she'd spend some time learning or fixing what was going wrong. She apologized and seemed imbarrassed at the time. She's still sending emails to the wrong place several times a month though. Now I just groan and delete them as soon as I see that the mail isn't meant for me. I still like her. I have lost some professional respect for her though. I just think she's scatterbrained, and it's hard to take her seriously in meetings when you have read about her Minnie Mouse jammies and Donald Duck slippers. I don't know whether to directly offer to teach her to use her address book or just keep my mouth firmly shut, deleting her emails as necessary. I wonder what Miss Manners would say about this.

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