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Hard At Work On a Website

I've been working like a mad woman on creating a new website for my dad's business. Due to the drought here in Georgia and a sharp down turn of the housing market, the trucking industry has been hit hard. When they are hit, it impacts our business too. We do road service for commercial trucks, doing things like changing flat tires and replacing busted hoses. For years, we have relied on word of mouth to reach customers. Trucking is changing though, and most cdrivers have cell phones and laptops now. It's time for us to start reaching out online, and I've finally convinced my dad that it's worth going onto the web. It only took me six years to change his mind. so I'm throwing my time, energy, and creativity into bringing Amcor 24-Hour Truck And Tire Service online.

I'm interested in any feedback anyone reading this has to offer. I've done my best to make the site visually attractive while being fully accessible as well. If anyone reading this has any tips to share about how to get small sites like ours noticed by Google and MSN, will you please contact me? I've built sites for people before. Never have the stakes been so high and so personal though. If you know of any web rings, link exchanges, or business directories where our link would fit, please let me know. I'm about to launch a Google Ad-Words campaign and would be thrilled to talk to anyone who has done this kind of thing. Choosing keywords seems sort of like learning which horses to bet on in a race. :) I'm off to start reading as much as I can about choosing really targeted keywords. No sense in people from Boston clicking on our page unless they have a driver stranded in Atlanta, so I want to be sure that we pop up when people in Georgia are looking for our service.

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